Joining the Data Revolution: Founder to Data Evangelist

Joining the Data Revolution: Founder to Data Evangelist

I never thought I’d be knee-deep in the data space, but here I am, leading the charge as the Head of Growth at a data startup. How did I get here? Well, I fell in love...

Truth is I’m not a numbers person but as a former founder, I know data always gave me the power to tell great stories, but I never fully grasped its potential. Then, I stumbled upon Narrator, an 8-year-old data company with a mission to revolutionize the way we handle data.

Narrator's secret sauce? The Activity Schema. Developed by Ahmed Elsamadisi, this innovative framework organizes data in a way that's both structured and standardized, paving the way for deeper insights and smarter decisions.

But what really hooked me was Narrator's vision for the future. In a world obsessed with AI, Narrator stands out by seamlessly integrating AI into its platform. Imagine getting answers to your data questions instantly, without waiting weeks for reports or drowning in jargon-filled analytics.

Enter Mavis, Narrator's AI chat interface powered by event data. Data teams can now distribute  an AI to non-data stakeholders to ask all the questions they want. And the best part? Mavis teaches you how to ask the right questions, without this skill, valuable insights remain out of reach. The setup is super smooth too! You just link your data warehouse (we work with whatever you use), we turn your data into event data, and boom, you can share the chat with your team. This leaves you time to tackle the bigger problems.

Mavis answering questions
Mavis teaching a user how to ask better questions

So why choose us? It's simple – we combine chat with standardized event data, offering unparalleled scalability and reliability. With Mavis, your data becomes a powerful asset, empowering your business to make informed decisions.

If this sounds exciting to you, comment “demo” and I’ll send you my calendar to showcase Mavis to you personally.

As someone who loves a good data story, joining Narrator was a no-brainer for me. Starting as a consultant, I quickly took on the role as Head of Growth. Now, I’m on a mission to scale Narrator through community, partnerships, marketing, and sales.

I'll spare your attention span and conclude here, but stay tuned for my next blog. I'll dive deeper into why we're the best thing since sliced bread and introduce you to our new community that we’re building.

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