Narratives are actionable data analyses in a story-like format

Build actionable analyses with the Narrative editor or get the analyses you need instantly from our library of Narratives
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Dashboards - why leave data up to interpretation?

Every day you’re looking at hundreds of plots and widgets on countless dashboards and being expected to come up with meaningful insights

If data isn’t easy to use, what’s the actual impact?

Product builds the wrong feature

Marketing puts their ad spend in the wrong bucket

Sales reps use ineffective sales materials

Ops orders too much inventory

Our Solution


Each Narrative has a
clear goal, right on top
Summary of
and takeaways can
be read at a glance
Context is captured
alongside each plot
Quickly access the
dataset powering
each insight
Simulate the impact
with interactive

What makes Narratives unique?

Narratives are built for action

Central to each narrative is a recommendation, right on top, making it easy to extract immediate takeaways to use the data and make decisions.
Leverage a library of shared approaches to data analyses, vetted by each analyst using our platform, and currently being used by companies like yours.

Narratives are stories, not dashboards

Each Narrative is presented as a story, so anyone on your team can understand the underlying insights and therefore have confidence in any decision being made.
The Narrative Library

A library of over 100 data analyses

A few examples currently being used by companies like yours:

Marketing Audit

Are your customers buying on the first visit, second, etc...? Which attribution model is appropriate given your customer's behavior?

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

How much value can you expect from each customer? How much value can you expect from adopted customers?

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

How much does it cost a acquire a new customer? Which marketing channel has the best Return on Ad Spend?

Demand Forecasting for eCommerce Businesses

What is the expected demand for each product type over the next 30/60/90 days?

Price Elasticity for Subscription Businesses

How does pricing influence subscription revenue? Which pricing structure leads to maximum revenue?

Product/App Adoption

What is the threshold that defines an adopted customer? How long does it take for a typical customer to become adopted?

"It was extremely helpful to get concrete visibility into the lifetime value of our customers with the help of Narrator's Customer LTV Narrative. Everyone on my team was easily able to understand their methodology and they helped establish a much-needed baseline that has informed key business decisions moving forward."

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Bren Harper - Director of Sales and Marketing
LUS Brands

"Narrator provides value by consolidating and organizing our activity data in such a way that's meaningful and flexible so that we can quickly create a dataset to answer relevant business questions."

Dylan Levan - Senior Marketing Analyst, Creative Market

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