Data Modeling

Narrator is the perfect tool for data modeling at scale. Using an activity schema allows speed, simplicity, and control.

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Warehouse Native

Write SQL on top of your warehouse to define each customer action.

Any Dataset

Instantly use the activity building blocks to create any dataset instantly without worrying about complex SQL. Build any table (FACT and Dimension model) instantly.

Replacing the Need for JOINs

Narrator uses temporal JOINs that allow you to use data from anywhere along the customer journey. If you can describe it, you can add it to your dataset.

Identity Resolution

Stitch customer identity across multiple identifiers and devices in time. Shared computers, multiple devices, changing cookies, and more are handled out of the box.

Data Cleaning and Quality Assurance

Narrator ensures all data is accurate: automated tests on all deploys, anomaly detection, and nightly reconciliation to make sure no rows were dropped. You can even write your own custom alerts.

Activity Schema 

The activity schema is a single-table event stream approach to data modeling. Define activity building blocks (customer actions) that anyone on your team can use to answer questions.

PIVOT to create any table

Pivot your activity schema in Narrator’s dataset tool to create any table you need for analysis, BI, or dashboards.

More Use Cases for Narrator and the Activity Schema

Data Lineage

Narrator’s activity schema based approach makes data lineage transparent and easy to follow. All tables, metrics, and plots are built on top of activities.

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Data Dictionary

Narrator’s activity schema approach removes the need for a traditional data dictionary.

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Data Science

Data preparation with data science in mind. Narrator makes creating tables with the right features super easy, so you can spend all your time on analysis and writing algorithms.

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