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The only platform that allows Data Engineers to maintain 80% fewer data models

Narrator is an end-to-end platform designed to protect data engineers from endless maintenance and data requests.  Powered by the innovation of the Activity Schema™, most ad-hoc questions can be self served without data engineering changes

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Reduce Workloads by 80% with the Activity Schema™
Data Engineering: Defines and validates the data into the Activity Schema™ format
Data analysts: Answer any question using the Activity Schema™

Data Engineers Can Build One Data Model to Answer 80% of Ongoing Requests

Narrator was started by a Data Engineer who invented the Activity Schema™ as a single table to quickly make important data available for anyone to use.

Keep your workflow the same, just add one data model so your stakeholders and analysts can Self Serve

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Data Analysts Get Immediate Answers to Ongoing Requests via the ActivitySchema™

Data Analysts love Narrator because they get to answer  their questions directly using the Activity Schema™ via SQL or Narrator's powerful Dataset tool.
It is the end of "blocked by data engineering".

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Optimized to reduce warehouse costs

Narrator often reduces warehouse cost by 40%-70% by replacing materialized views with the single incremental Activity Schema™ table.
Building the table is optimized using incremental updates
Using the table is optimized with partitioning, auto-large data filters, and efficient caching

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Why Startups and Enterprises love Narrator?

Tackle the Large Backlog of Ad-hoc Questions

The Activity Schema™ makes answering one off questions easy and fast.  This is most common reason to use Activity Schema™.  

Reduce the Cost of Warehouse and Tools

The Activity Schema™ is incremental and our queries take advantage of the clustering, partitioning and other optimizations for each warehouse. We also provide an end-to-end data management tool for $500/month

Connect Frontend, Backend, and 3rd party data

The Activity Schema™ stitches users across all your systems. This allows data analyst to answer more questions without needing Data Engineering to stitch the data for them.

Answer Tricky Behavioral Questions 

The most common data requests to Data Engineering team are behavior questions. They take the most time and often have many follow ups.  Narrator was designed with these questions in mind so you can get accurate answers in minutes.

“Narrator is the difference between having to fish for your team every day, and giving them a fishing rod. I can’t imagine handling our data needs without Narrator.”

- Stacey Hronowski CEO of Canix

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