Data Engineer

No need to add or update new models when your analysts ask new questions.

Activity Schema and DBT coinciding in a venn digram.

Build in Narrator or in dbt

Already using dbt? Then simply use our Activity Schema dbt package to define your Activity Schema and import it into Narrator. This will allow your analysts to answer any question without needing to come to you.

Use your own data models

Define business concepts as building blocks

By leveraging Activity Schema's activity definitions you can easily model your business concepts. It integrates into your workflow with a consistent schema.

Reusable building blocks
Looking at the SQL definition of the Completed Order activity in Narrator
Powered by Activity Schema
Adding in the first ever Started Session's Ad Source and Referring Domain columns to a Narrator dataset

Analysts can add any feature to their datasets on their own

With Narrator you can borrow any feature from any activity with ease. This saves data engineers form adding the same features on every activity, which means fewer tickets and maintenance.

Free yourselves from analyst requests

Everything compiles down to SQL and can be shared easily

A lot of questions are exploratory/single purpose so let those queries don't need to be materialized. If questions are reused, in a single click the SQL can be sent back to dbt for use in other systems.

Clear lineage
Clicking on the SQL tab to show the SQL that we're running under the hood to get the dataset response
An architectural overview of Narrator DBT and Airflow creating activity schema transformations that allow you to create Datasets and Narratives in the Narrator product.

Contained self-service

Give your team a tool that allows them to answer their own questions using the data that you control. Narrator makes it impossible to duplicate rows, write bad joins, or run expensive queries. Additionally, analysts can save their work inside the tool preventing the need for hundreds of materialized tables. 

Saved not materialized

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