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A data tool to improve efficiency and speed

Unlimited data questions without drowning your team
Get the data you need fast and combine it using Narrator's innovative Activity Schema.
Stakeholders handle their own follow up questions
Analysts create metrics and then hand them off to stakeholders who can self-serve their follow up questions.
Resource efficient
Each question in Narrator takes a single analyst less than 15 minutes.
Speed up their workflows dratmatically
Editing Definiton in Narrator's Dataset tool to add the "Called Us" activity but only before the first "Completed Order"

Keep up with questions with real-time data modeling

Narrator allows you to quickly answer any question by combing building blocks called activities. Any feature in any activity can then be added to your query with just a few clicks.

Flexible building blocks

Analysts create metrics, stakeholders take it from there

Using Narrator's explore tool, stakeholders can slice and dice any plot or metric by any customer attribute or activity feature.

Freedom to explore
Exploring a plot in a report by segmenting it by browser and city and then changing the time range
Opening the dataset story to show all the plots that were generated in the dataset

Deliver easy to understand stories

Build your datasets, create plots, and write context all in one simple to use view. You can now share this data story where the data will be live, including all this context so there's no misinterpretation. If the person wants to know how you answered it, it's one click to see the underlying definition.

Context leads to action

One analyst can answer each question in under 15 minutes

With Narrator your analysts are super heroes. They can get the data they need, debug their data, assemble the aggregations, and create plots and metrics into a story to share with stakeholders all without changing a tab.

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