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Creating a Dataset with all Opened Emails and appending in the First in Between Completed Order

Use activities to create any dataset

Dataset is built upon the Activity Schema which allows you to combine activities to create any table.

Learn more about Activity Schema

Drilldown to inspect any customer's journey

Understanding where a single row came from is often tricky, so we put customer journey right into the table.

Right clicking a dataset row to view all customer activities for that one customer
Showing a plot example in Narrator's dataset that has 2 company context annotations inside the plot itself.

Visualize the data alongside its context

As you slice and dice the data, you can independently visualize the data. Each plot has the context of any important event on the company, or any of the activities.

Answer any data question in minutes

The raw SQL is always available

Transparency is super important to us, so we always make the compiled SQL available.

Clicking on the SQL tab to show the SQL that we're running under the hood to get the dataset response
Opening the dataset story to show all the plots that were generated in the dataset

Create a story for stakeholders as you generate plots

Quickly share the thinking behind your plots and tables.

Slice and dice your raw data in tabs

Define the base query and then slice, dice, and group it in tabs on top of that base query. No more long lists of CTES in your SQL runner!

Features that go beyond SQL
Example metric summary at the top of a table column in Narrator's dataset tool

Insights built into your work

We add a metric summary at the top of every table column to help you explore the data without having to write repetitive calculations.

Go further with the Analyze Button

Instantly test the impact of any feature with the analyze button.

Showing all the options in the Analyze Button modal in Narrator's dataset tool to generate a hypothesis test report

Integrate your datasets with your existing tools

CSV, text, materialized view, or webhook. We make it easy to take your data and use it in any way you want.

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