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Orders and Revenue

  • Total Orders
  • Total Revenue
  • Average Order Value
  • Total Return Revenue
  • What types of discounts should we promote to increase average order value?
  • Which ad sources lead to highest AOV?
  • Which customers only purchase when a discount is available?

Web Funnel Conversion

  • Total Visits
  • Total Added to Cart
  • Total Submitted Email
  • Total Completed Order
  • Conversion Rate to Each Milestone
  • What is the result of our most recent A/B test?
  • Should we offer discounts to customers who abandon their cart? What's the optimal discount amount?
  • How many times do customers visit the site before making their first purchase?
  • How many products do customers view before making their first purchase?
  • Which behaviors indicate a visitor does not have intent to purchase? Who should we add to our suppression logic?

Product Summary

  • Total Units Sold per Product Type
  • Total Revenue per Product Type
  • Total Returns per Product Type
  • Repeat Purchase Rate by Product Type
  • What is the best follow on product to promote next?
  • What are the different product preferences across each customer segment?
  • Which products have strong product loyalty? And who are our most loyal customers?

Customer Acquisition Cost + Return on Ad Spend

  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • CAC by Ad Source
  • 3/6/12mo LTV
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • What is the acquisition payback period from each marketing source?
  • What type of attribution model is best for measuring paid marketing contribution?

Marketing Spend

  • Total Spend by Platform
  • CPC and CPM
  • Cost per Order (CPO)
  • What's the optimal frequency cap for retargeting campaigns?
  • How can we ensure our acquisition costs are recovered within the first 3 months?
  • What's the maximum discount we can offer Black Friday shoppers to maintain profitability?

Customer Retention

  • First to Second Order Retention Rate
  • Average Days to Second Order
  • Overall Order Retention Rate
  • Average Days Between Orders
  • What's the best day and time to send emails to increase order conversion?
  • Are discounts and promotions helping or hurting customer retention?
  • Which email campaigns push customers to purchase again faster?
  • What is the optimal frequency cap on emails after first purchase?

Order Fulfillment

  • Total Fulfillments Created
  • Avg Fulfillments per Order
  • Avg Days from Order to Complete Fulfillment
  • Which carriers are most consistent in their fulfillment times? Which are most inconsistent?
  • Which carriers are best at hitting our delivery time targets?
  • How does delivery time influence return rates?
  • How does delivery time influence customer retention?

Attributed Orders Report

  • Total Orders by First Touch Source
  • Total Orders by Last Touch Source
  • Total Revenue by First Touch Source
  • Total Revenue by Last Touch Source
  • What is the acquisition payback period from each marketing source?
  • What type of attribution model is best for measuring paid marketing contribution?
Start with one data source and add more as you go
Simply add more data sources to unlock more metrics and deeper analyses
Customer 360

Analyze your customer across your many data sources

Orders and Subscriptions: Shopify, Stripe, Square, Olo, etc...
Emails: Klaviyo, Kustomer, Customer.io, etc...
Web Tracking: Google Analytics 4, Segment, Snowplow, etc...
Advertising: Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Bing, TikTok, etc...

A full 360 view of your customer
Leverage templates

Understand the impact of key features instantly

With Narrator you can dive into any attribute and see if has any effect on any metric you care about. This saves hours of engineering time setting up integrations and new data models.

Impact of Email Marketing
Impact of Paid Marketing
Impact of Discounts

Do more with your data

Build complex customer segments and sync those over to your Email Provider, ad platforms, or CRM to take action. Sync any piece of data over to Excel for financial analysis.

Automated syncing
Validated data

Access Narrator's self-serve platform

Audit, extend, or even build things from scratch: with Narrator's self-serve platform under the hood, every metric, plot, and insight can be traced down to the source of the data.

Build on top of your source data
Identity Resolution

Best in class identity resolution

Narrator maintains and reconciles customer IDs across all devices and data sources so that you can track a single customer throughout their entire journey.

Multi-user, multi-device, on top of the data warehouse

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