Why choose Narrator over other ecommerce data solutions?

Only Narrator gives your team a full-service data tool, not just basic dashboards. Get all the metric dashboards and in-depth custom analyses you need without breaking the bank.

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A data tool purpose-built for the realities of ecommerce


Deeper analysis
Narrator gives you the same dashboards, but we also offer the ability to double-click into any number.


Flat-rate pricing
Consistent pricing as you scale.

Data Cleaning

Custom Definitions
Narrator updates our core building blocks to reflect your unique business logic.
Narrator is your partner that helps you grow from seed to IPO

Discover the why

Narrator gives you baseline ecommerce metrics, but thanks to our innovation in identity resolution (connecting a user across multiple systems) we offer the ability to filter and slice by any customer behavior. These deep dives shed light on what drivers led to a positive or negative change.

Drill down by behavior across data sources
Dashboards for all common follow up questions
Exploring a plot in a report by segmenting it by browser and city and then changing the time range

Expertise on your side

Our senior data scientists developed a library of analyses custom built for ecommerce companies. These analyses ensure you make the best decision with the most confidence.

For analyses that don't exist in the library we have a team of data experts on staff who will partner with you to think through the problem and provide actionable insights. Narrator grows with you, from Seed to IPO.

Expert analyses
Data science support team

Narrator's full-service data product means endless exploration

Under the hood Narrator is a data tool that is used by companies of all sizes and industries to answer questions to make better decisions.

With Narrator, you get a data stack NOT just a bunch of dashboards.

Self-serve data stack
Infinite potential
Looking at the SQL definition of the Completed Order activity in Narrator

Capture your unique business logic

We work with you to understand your unique business logic and update our building blocks accordingly. As your business grows and changes, we update that logic to ensure you data is up-to-date and reliable

Designed for customization
Always growing and changing

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