Share your perspective and expertise alongside metrics and charts.

Scrolling through Narrator's LTV Report to see a few different plots, descriptions, and metrics.

Write and share stories with context

Don't simply build a dashboard that leaves all interpretation up to the end-user. Adding context makes it easy for everyone to understand the most important takeaways.

Leverage python to embed your thinking

Don't just share one-off reports. Code your process into the report by leveraging interpretation algorithms and python.

Use conditional sections to have your report react to data changes

Every section can be hidden or shown with python based expressions.

Share reports without worrying about misinterpretation
Showing a Narrator report, and then changing to a snapshot of the same report from 7 days ago

Get historical snapshots automatically

Narrator takes snapshots of your reports so you can always go back in time and see what the report said weeks, months, or even years ago.

Stakeholders can do self-serve exploration

Every plot has an explore view, allowing anyone to slice by any feature you make available to them.

Exploring a plot in a report by segmenting it by browser and city and then changing the time range

Reporting use cases from our customers

In-depth Analyses

Create your analysis in Narrator and show all your work. Narrator will then re-run the analysis for you automatically and alert your stakeholder of any changes.

Individual Customer Deep Dives

Create customer success dashboards or individual account summaries super easily. Add alerts and interpretations on top and even give recommendations.

Investor Updates or Board Decks

Narrator makes it easy to join data from your P&L, subscriptions, invoices, internal HR, and lots of text. We also maintain history so you can look back on previous months and quarters.

Product Specs

Instead of taking screenshots of plots and adding them to Jira or Notion, write your spec and have the data be live.


Every Key Result has metrics, experiments and evaluations. Put that all in a Narrator report and have the context and the data both be live!

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