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Creating a Dataset with all Opened Emails and appending in the First in Between Completed Order

Combine modeled data easily

Narrator allows you to quickly answer any question by combing building blocks called activities. Any feature in any activity can then be added to your query with just a few clicks.

Flexible building blocks

Handle changes and follow ups instantly

Stakeholders inevitably change their minds. Swap activities, redefine how activities are connected, or switch columns, and Narrator will reconcile any errors and fix your dataset automatically.

Reconcile issues automatically
Swapping activities in Narrator's dataset tool and showing how it does auto-reconciliation
Adding the Gender customer attribute column to a Narrator dataset

Add features without causing duplication or dropping rows

JOINs cause so many issues–especially when stakeholders are constantly asking for new features to slice by. We built Narrator to ensure that your metrics never change when you add new columns.

Dive deeper without worrying about joins
Speed up your workflows dratmatically

Debug any individual customer or metric

Inspect any row and see the customer's journey to quickly catch issues or dive into any metric and see the raw data that powers it.

See the full journey at a glance
Right clicking a dataset row to view all customer activities for that one customer
Exploring a plot in a report by segmenting it by browser and city and then changing the time range

Let anyone explore further

Give your stakeholders the freedom to explore. On all plots, they can slice by customer attributes or features from any activity.

Explore plots

Share your story, not just a plot

As you explore and analyze data, leave context that helps your stakeholders make the best decisions. Don't let plots be interpreted on their own!

Context leads to action
Opening the dataset story to show all the plots that were generated in the dataset
Showing all the options in the Analyze Button modal in Narrator's dataset tool to generate a hypothesis test report

Go from exploring to a full analysis in just one click

Start with a quick count and add activities to understand conversion. Then, when you want to go further, simply run one of our templates on your data to get a story you can share.

Generate a full analysis for any hypothesis

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