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Step 1 of generating a Narrator report from a template: choosing the template.

Start from any of our library of tempaltes

We have built many templates to answer the most common data questions.

Simply answer questions about your data

Templates are super flexible.  You will simply map the template to your unique question and activities.

Step 2 of generating a Narrator report from a template: answering the required questions
Scrolling through Narrator's experiment report

Generate a full report

Edit and extend the generated report or share it with your team!

Explore more report templates

The generated report is just a starting point

The generated report is yours so you can edit, add to it, remove sections, and more.

Editing a Narrator report using markdown
Creating a report template

Build your own templates

Are you answering the same question multiple times? Templatize it in Narrator so you don't have to repeat any of that work.

Some examples

What attribution model should I use?

First touch, media mix, last touch, etc...

A/B Tests

Run the test and evaluate progress and a winner, using any data from your data warehouse.

Funnel optimization

Trying to improve a conversion rate? See what matters and test it against unlimited features.

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