Narrator helps you build and manage an Activity Schema if you don't have one already.

Activity Schema and DBT coinciding in a venn digram.

Dedicated dbt package

If you already use dbt, then you can simply build the Activity Schema inside your project and import it into Narrator.

Activity schema dbt package

A SQL editor that doesn't suck

Narrator has all the tools you're used to in a query editor, but we've also added a scratchpad on the right to run test queries or simply write notes.

  • Final query on the left, scratchpad on the right
  • Autocomplete schemas, tables, columns, and functions
  • Write multiple SQL queries
  • Add markdown to explain your thoughts
The scratchpad view in Narrator's SQL editor where you can take notes and write queries with markdown to help give context.

Validate your data

We automatically run tests to ensure your data is correct

  • Check for duplications or NULL values that shouldn't be there
  • Check for any missing columns
  • Clean up unintended SQL like LIMITs in the query
  • Check for identity resolution
  • List all dependencies throughout Narrator product before pushing to production

Processing is transparent and automatic

You have full control over all processing jobs: update the schedule, trigger a manual run, debug failed jobs, or look at all historical runs.

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