Narrator powers self-service analytics across all your data. It allows anyone to get answers in minutes instead of weeks, using the same data as your data team.

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A data platform for anyone on your team to answer any data question without SQL


Dataset Builder

Answer ad hoc data questions in minutes using your customer 360
  • Answering questions is as simple as combining customer actions
  • Create aggregations and simple plots

Analyze Button

Generate an analysis instantly with all the information you need to make the best decision
  • Ask ANY question on top of a dataset
  • Each generated Narrative checks trends, features, statistical significance, and consistency–what a Senior Data Scientist would do to ensure you are informed
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Sync any dataset where you need it automatically
  • Schedule and materialize tables directly to your warehouse so BI can use them
  • Export data over webhooks to sync your data to SaaS tools (spreadsheets, Email Service Providers, ad platforms, etc...)

Customer Journey

Get a unified view of all customer activity
  • Search for a specific customer
  • Diagnose tracking issues with advanced filters
  • Enable sales and support with this unified view

Narrative Editor

Create your own actionable analyses with context built right in
  • Reproduce analyses easily with templates
  • Monitor and snapshot analyses at specific moments in time
  • Set variables to reference dynamic numbers
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SQL Editor

Query your warehouse directly from the platform
  • Add context around your queries with markdown
  • Save queries to share with colleagues
  • Cache results to avoid re-running

Advanced Monitoring

Manage all of Narrator's processing infrastructure
  • Update CRON schedule for all customer 360 transformations and integrations
  • View all running jobs and trigger re-runs
  • Subscribe to alerts on job errors

"Having to not worry about the data engineering efforts involved with building out, scheduling, and maintaining materialized views is a tremendous value add from Narrator - it allows me, as an analyst, to focus my time on crafting and delivering insights to our organization."

Dylan Levan - Senior Marketing Analyst
Creative Market

"With data coming in from our app and stores across different channels and geographies, it was imperative for us to marshall our data intelligently. Narrator, and their talented team, have helped us set up a scalable data infrastructure, while also providing deep, impactful analyses that have enabled us to optimize our offering and better engage with our members."

Ben Tilton - Chief Operating Officer
New Stand

Additional benefits

For data engineers

  • Identity resolution for multi-user, multi-device data capture
  • Real-time monitoring to ensure quality
  • Intelligent query caching engine
  • Advanced materialization control
  • Auto vacuuming and resource cleanup (for Redshift)

For analysts

  • Powerful activity search to find what you need instantly
  • Analysis snapshots to see data in history
  • Optimized SQL queries
  • Anomaly detection
  • Historical versioning of all transformations and definitions

Expect more from your data tool

We're serious about going from question to data-driven decision in minutes. We'll show you with your data!
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