What is the CAC of our customers?

One important metric for ecommerce businesses to consider is Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), which refers to the cost of acquiring a new customer. To calculate CAC, we need to know the total marketing expenses for a given period and the number of new customers acquired during that period. The formula for calculating CAC is:

CAC = Total Marketing Expenses / Number of New Customers Acquired

Once we have calculated CAC, we can compare it to the LTV of our customers to determine the overall health of our business. If our CAC is higher than our LTV, we may need to re-evaluate our marketing strategies and find ways to reduce customer acquisition costs. On the other hand, if our LTV is higher than our CAC, we can be confident that our marketing efforts are effective and that we are generating long-term value from our customers.

To further analyze CAC, we can segment our customer base and evaluate the cost of acquiring customers in each segment. This can help us identify which customer segments are the most expensive to acquire and which segments provide the highest return on investment.

In conclusion, analyzing Customer Acquisition Cost is an important part of understanding the overall health of an ecommerce business. By comparing CAC to LTV and analyzing customer segments, businesses can make data-driven decisions that lead to increased revenue and profitability.