Data Dictionary

Narrator’s activity schema approach removes the need for a traditional data dictionary.

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Activities not Tables

Tables require data dictionaries to document what they are and why they were built. Activities match how we talk about our customers so they’re self-documenting.

Relationships not JOINs

Instead of connecting data through JOINs, Narrator connects activities together with relationships. Written in plain-english, relationships make it easy to understand what data is in each dataset.


Bucket activities into the different parts of your business (sales, marketing, onboarding, customer support, product, etc…) so they’re easy to find.

Narrative Reporting

Use Narratives to add context and documentation to any metric, plot, or table.

A simple model with a simple data dictionary

Narrator’s activity schema approach is based on customer actions (“activities”). They read like business concepts so you can use descriptions, categories, and labels to easily understand what they represent.

Log Company Events for Context

Someone wrote an article about you? Got on the front page of Hacker News? Website was down for a few hours?

Log these important events in Narrator and they’ll automatically show up on all tables and plots so your team will always have the context as to why there was a spike or dip.

More Use Cases for Narrator and the Activity Schema

Data Modeling

Narrator is the perfect tool for data modeling at scale. Using the activity schema allows speed, simplicity, and control.

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Data Lineage

Narrator’s activity schema based approach makes data lineage transparent and easy to follow. All tables, metrics, and plots are built on top of activities.

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Data Science

Data preparation with data science in mind. Narrator makes creating tables with the right features super easy, so you can spend all your time on analysis and writing algorithms.

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