Data Lineage

Narrator’s activity schema based approach makes data lineage transparent and easy to follow. All tables, metrics, and plots are built on top of activities.

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Update Simple Definitions

If you need to change your business logic, update the activity SQL and all downstream datasets will be updated automatically.

Add New Data Sources Easily

Changed your CRM? Moved to a new third-party SaaS tool? Write another activity transformation that uses the new system and Narrator will combine the old data and new data into the same activity.

Change Warehouses in a Few Hours

Swap your data warehouse without worrying about any dependencies. Narrator will convert everything to the proper SQL language and cascade all materialized views, dashboards, and reports seamlessly.

Understand Usage 

Trace any number or dataset to the activities and raw tables that make up those activities.

Automated Alerting

If something breaks (source data starts duplicating rows for example), Narrator will automatically put the activity into maintenance mode, notifying your team that the activity has issues.

Fewer layers and dependencies

A clear and simple dependency graph: go from raw SQL that defines the activities to your single-table activity schema. Pivot your activity schema into any dataset. Use that dataset in any dashboard, Narrative analysis, or KPI.

This makes finding the source of any number simple and easy.

Right click to get to the source of any number

Drill into any plot, metric, and aggregation to see the source of that data. Go further by clicking into any customer to see every action they’ve taken up until that specific point.

More Use Cases for Narrator and the Activity Schema

Data Dictionary

Narrator’s activity schema approach removes the need for a traditional data dictionary.

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Data Modeling

Narrator is the perfect tool for data modeling at scale. Using the activity schema allows speed, simplicity, and control.

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Data Science

Data preparation with data science in mind. Narrator makes creating tables with the right features super easy, so you can spend all your time on analysis and writing algorithms.

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